Not only songwriter for the likes of Olivia Newton John,
Belinda Carlisle, Heart and Diana Ross but a successful
solo artist and stage actress as well....
(Interviewed 2006)


    Amy Sky
    photo: Dean Maher

    Can you tell us what your birthstone is?

    What instrument could you play first and how old were you then?
    Recorder -age 5

    What did your parents think of your plans to become a professional musician?
    I was always a musician from the age of 5- first recorder, then cello, then piano and guitar

    What was the first car you owned
    A 1963 Chevy Nova station wagon bought in LA for $500.00

    What else could you have been if not a musician?
    An actress, or music teacher

    What side of the bed do you sleep on?
    I sleep on my right side

    Where is your favorite place on earth?
    Lake of Bays Ontario

    Is there a solution other than war for protecting our liberties and how do you explain life as it is since 911 to your children?
    War is rarely the answer. Life post 911 means that fostering understanding between cultures is paramount.

    Do you believe in God?
    I believe in a higher power that informs the moral order of the universe

    What is your view on the influence of drugs in the music industry over the years?
    I'm not a big fan of mind altering substances, but  I do understand why creative people are drawn to them.

    Where did you have your first paying job as a musician?
    A dinner theatre named His Majesty's Feast

    What project are you working on at the moment?
    My greatest hits record out in 2006 and producing a project for Olivia Newton John

    Did you save your first time on video, recording or photo?

    What is your absolute weakness when it comes to sweets?
    Dark chocolate

    Are you a clown and joy to be around?
    I may love laughter more than I love music.

    Are you a romantic and are you in love now?
    Perpetual romantic, married 18 years, two kids

    Were you ever too big for the room (as an ego maniac) and be honest?
    Only my hairdresser knows for sure.

    photo: J. Michael Laford

    How many records have you played or sang on...can you give us some examples?
    Dont know how many- but here are some highlights:
    My own( Cool Rain, Burnt by the Sun, Phenomenal Woman, With This Kiss) ,  my husband Marc Jordan ( Talking Through Pictures, C.O.W, Reckless Valentine) Olivia Newton John ( The Rumour and Stronger than Before) Belinda Carlisle ( Runaway Horses)

    Who is your favorite musician or inspiration?
    Joni Mitchell

    What would you consider your biggest accomplishment in the business to date?
    Putting out four solo records, touring etc. and still having my husband and kids love me

    If you could turn back the hands of time, what would you change about your plan to make it?
    Nothing- my time came when it was meant to- the struggle led to that.


    Many Thanks to Amy for answering!



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